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The Books

My growing, hope-to-read list for 2012:

for me –

Patrick, Son of Ireland – Lawhead (gave up; just didn’t catch me like Byzantium.  Maybe another time…)

Odyssey – Homer

The Republic – Plato

Blue Like Jazz – Miller (finished 12/2011, but good enough to re-read)

Kisses from Katie – Davis (finished 3/2012)

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God – Terkeurst (finished 1/21/2012)

Real-Life Discipleship – Putman

Grace Based Parenting – Kimmel

Organized Simplicity – Tsh Oxenreider (finished 1/22/2012)

Hunger Games – (set aside for now…)

numerous books from my kids’ reading lists…

with the kids – 

Just So Stories – Kipling

Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends – Malley’s

YWAM Christian Heroes:Then and Now

 Sundar Singh (finished 7/22/2012)
This is our second time through the book as a family and it still impacts us.  Sundar was the barefoot Sadhu (holy man) who trekked across the Himalayas to bring the gospel to Tibet.  His faith brought many to the Lord and his commitment to Jesus challenges us.  
My favorite quote from the book:
(on his return from a speaking tour to England and America in 1920)

“Sometimes I have heard young Indians say that they do not want missionaries from such places, but that is a mistake.  Missionaries from the West who come to India keep the churches at home alive, and if the West did not send its missionaries, very soon their churches would become like the Dead Sea.  Therefore we should welcome the missionaries for the sake of keeping Christianity alive in the West.”

{I’m open to suggestions…}


One thought on “The Books

  1. You’re reading one by my pastor, Jim Putman! 🙂 Cool!

    I want to read Kisses from Kate, and several others on your list.

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