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It’s Time…

It’s the first day of August.

Monday I was ready to freeze summer and just soak in the days, the fleeting moments.  But today is August and that means I have to get in gear for school and order those books and make those schedules and shouldn’t the kids start going to bed earlier?

Funny, the difference a day makes.  How one day it’s July and you want to slow down and the next day it’s August, time for discipline.

We’ve moved to a new home this summer and the freedom of this dead end road has breathed life into our kids.  The dirty-feet, playing-in-the-creek, aw-do-we-have-to-come-in-now kind of life.  They are always scattering and I am continually trying to gather them up for meals or chores or trips to town.

It’s been awesome.

I can just picture the look on their faces if I suddenly woke them up early one morning and called them downstairs for school.  Like cold water in the face or a slap on your sunburned back.  Shock.  Horror. Confusion.

We should probably transition gradually.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but summer is ending soon.

I think we’ll hold on to some carefree days, interspersed with a gradual tightening up of the schedule.

{How do you transition your kids back to the routines of fall?  My kids would appreciate it if you gave their mom some grace-filled ideas.}


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14 thoughts on “It’s Time…

  1. on said:

    A verse in Proverbs 25, says “Put first things first”.

  2. Sadly, I must agree with you. Summer is coming to and end. I can sense the earth’s tilt has shifted slightly. Where I live Autumn begins Aug. 1. Sad but true.

  3. dianadenis on said:

    We just ordered school uniforms this week. School supplies will be purchased next week and then the bed times will be adjusted. It seems to have happened so quickly but I have a sneaky suspicion that the kids will be more upset than we are:) Happy August!

    • Yes, summer seems shorter and shorter each year, especially when the stores have school supplies on display as soon as July rolls around! Happy August (I said that to my 7 yr. old yesterday, and he asked if August was a good time to go to Antarctica? Not sure how to interpret that one!)

  4. Where I live Otono begins November 1st 😉 , so we start school sometime in October… or after the last big event is scheduled or last group has left…. scheduling isn’t held to too strictly around here 🙂 … we usually do a week of half-days to start out with.

  5. We live in Melbourne, Australia. First day back to school is usually the hottest day in February every year, when children would prefer to be somewhere else, like the beach, or perhaps a nice cold movie theatre. But, after six weeks at home, mums joyously march their young children back to learning. No tips at all, some times they are ready to go back, others they aren’t. So, other than sharing how different things are in Australia, I have nothing to offer on the topic!

    • Only six weeks of summer?! We used to take shorter summer breaks in our homeschool, to prevent so much ‘learning loss’ over the long gap.
      Thanks for sharing…I’ve always wanted to visit Australia!

  6. We had a “practice” homeschool day in July. It gave me a chance to test-drive some new ideas for school, and also set the kids’ expectations for what our days will be like. I have found in the past that I change something and then on the first day of school they look at me with astonishment and just feel so off-kilter because “we never did that before!” or “that’s not how we did it last year!” It helped get them get mentally geared up too.

    I will miss the laid back vibe of summer, but it is so hot here for a few more months that it will actually be nice to have some structure and activities during the day when we can’t go outside.

    • That’s a great idea, Stephanie! We could use a couple practice days to get in gear. Summer really just arrived here in Oregon, so the kids are soaking up as much as they can before September.

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