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Five Minute Friday: Beyond

 It’s Friday and Lisa-Jo has given this writing prompt:


Every Friday we spend five minutes spilling words and we forego editing  and fretting, and just write.  It’s fun, it’s free, and you should click the link above and try it!  Or at least, read what some others write for fun on Fridays.



He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I ask or even could think in my feeble, flitting mind.  And it must be true because I ask so little and receive so much.

I don’t believe the lie that everything I need is just beyond what I have now, but I do believe the truth that He is beyond all my imagination and dreamings, and that He wants me to live beyond where I am now.

I ask for so little because my faith is just.  that. small.


He shows up Big anyway, and befuddles my thinking and my small prayers.

Sometimes doesn’t He put Himself just out of reach, so that my faith stretches like last year’s jeans and once again, I can grasp just the hem of His garment?

I can barely catch up and never truly arrive, yet He promises arrival someday.  He is my pace-setter and it’s always got to be a little beyond where I’m comfortable.

That must be the ticket to prayer.  Yearning for what’s just out of reach, stretching my tight faith and making room for more, all because I know, I know, there is always room for more of Him.



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10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Beyond

  1. I loved what you had to say here, and how I identify with small prayers and an abundance given anyway. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Barbie on said:

    Such a good word this morning. He doesn’t want to leave us where we are. He asks us to exercise the little faith we have, to yearn for the more that He desires to give. Stopping by from the 5 Minute Friday!

  3. Exceedingly abundantly above…. one of my most quoted pieces of scripture and yet, I still can’t quite grasp it. (Glad to know I’m not the only one squeezing into tight jeans:) I’m always desiring to grasp just the hem of His garment, but not if it takes me beyond where I’m comfortable. And so I stay in that place of seeing Him in the distance, seeing His works in those around me, because I lack what it takes to take the risk. Good word today, Friend!

  4. You are a sweet blessing.

  5. Beautiful and so true!

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