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For the Ones Who Can’t Hear “Beautiful”

You shun it as though it were a four-letter word.  When it comes you refuse to hear, refuse to let it attach to you because, surely, you ought to resist that flattery.
Be humble and all that.
You secretly hope that the words are sincere, and inside you desire to wear them gracefully, to be them and believe them.
But your enemy tells you otherwise and you listen to him instead.  To the father of lies?
You have to choose what you wear.

Let Us make man in our image, according to our likeness ~ Gen. 1:26

Your Father has said beautiful since you were born.  He’s made beauty in the world, wonder that you capture with camera or imagination or just sheer enjoyment.
Yet you,
created in His image,
won’t listen.
You have eyes to see it all around, but you wonder if it’s ok to see it in you.  As if vanity came from simple appreciation.

Is it ok to think that I look nice?

You ask me one Sunday before church, and I’m remembering the time of no jeans and no mirrors because I was so weak and so consumed.

Imago Dei.  All of us, the image of God.

Yes.  It is good.

Take a little  time in that mirror and gaze at the image of God.  Be blessed by His beauty and comfortable with your skin, your hair, the color of your eyes and the marks of distinction on your face.
Praise Him for infinite imagination, thank Him for hairspray and mascara and jeans if you must.
And then move on from that mirror and see beautiful  all around you, in others.  Go tell someone they’re beautiful and tell them why.  If you don’t see beauty then tell them why Jesus is Beautiful.  Talk about Him.

Attach yourself to Beautiful when you can’t believe He’s attached to you.

When you hear beautiful, wear it.  Be it.

Put it on with your cross and remember the ugly beautiful, the One Story so dangerously beautiful that it saved you from being forever ugly.

Someday, when your husband tells you you are beautiful, believe him.  Believe him because refusing to hear beautiful is calling him a liar.
There will be unlovely days and sweat-pant days and days of acne and bloating and extra pounds.  There will be days when no one says beautiful to you, but won’t you still hear it?
Won’t you listen to the One Who is inside, who created you imago dei and ever lives to display Himself through all His creation?  Through you?

Believe Him because refusing to hear beautiful is calling Him a liar.

Because, really, beauty-full is what you are.  Don’t cover that up.

{And by the way, beautiful is for boys, too.}


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13 thoughts on “For the Ones Who Can’t Hear “Beautiful”

  1. Did you write this just for me?!! Your words are Beauty-full! I had completely forgotten your time of no jeans and was unaware of the no mirror policy 🙂 Thanks for this, Tresta. As I sit here in my humble little home, surrounded by the mess left over from yesterday, and still wearing sweats and a baggy tea-shirt, for a split second I can take my mind off what my eye sees and invision what He beholds. But only for a second, then I’m back to my retched thoughts of doubt; self consumed. Tresta, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! And your words are full of life, truth, GRACE! Love you!

  2. Betsy on said:

    I want to share this with many–especially my Elise who loves to look at her reflection! Thanks for sharing so eloquently the difference between vanity and Divine reflection.

  3. Even boys.

    Yes. My stomach is caving in from a diet I’m on trying to lose just 5 more pounds and I needed to hear this today.

  4. stampingmynn on said:

    This is amazing. Thank you. 🙂

  5. What an awesome post! We so often try to act like we can’t accept a compliment, or think we’re not beautiful, and God says we are. I think every woman needs to read this. And the pictures are stunning! Do you take them yourself? 🙂 And btw thanks for linking up to Loving Life Wednesdays – I loved your post as always!, Blessings, Lauren,

  6. Amen Sister! Preach it … have always loved and cherished the words in Song of Solomon … Arise my darling my beautiful one and come away with me … fabulous post – so glad I stopped by today from SDG!
    Thanks for beautiful words from a beautiful heart!

  7. Beautiful and from the heart of God. Awesome post.

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