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Five Minute Friday: Expectation

Five Minutes of uninterrupted, unedited words.



I guess I’m kind of a fatalist?

I’d rather not hope in things that might disappoint.  If something exciting might happen, I’d rather just assume that it won’t  happen and then be so happy when/if it does.

I often wouldn’t tell the kids about something exciting that was maybe going to happen, like going to a friends house or a camping trip, until right before it was time to leave.

You know, so they’re not disappointed if the plans fall through.

Because hope deferred makes me sick and I guess sometimes I just distract myself with other things, certain things, immediate-result type things.

Like laundry.

But I want to live differently.  Because of course there are things I can expect with certainty.


I expect, with certainty, that the sun will come up every day until Christ calls me to the Land of my Expectation.  That’s hope that doesn’t disappoint.  He is expecting me.  *smile*

And I expect that He will surprise me with His goodness, even today.


{You can do it, too.  Write for five minutes and don’t pick apart the words…just write!  Click over here and join us, even if it’s not Friday.)


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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Expectation

  1. thanks for sharing these words. i can definitely relate, but you are right – it is a lot of fun to allow oneself to hope for and expect wonderful, beautiful things. it’s hard to embrace this, it requires us to open ourselves up to vulnerability. but that, in turn, allows us to open ourselves up to joy.

    have you watched brené brown’s ted talks on vulnerability and shame, etc? really good stuff that has changed my perpsective on a lot of things.

    thanks again for sharing your beautiful words and thoughts on expectation.


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