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Five Minute Friday: Gift

I have five minutes to write about “Gift” with no editing or over-thinking, thanks to the prompt from Lisa-Jo.  My mind is racing like Scrat after the nut, but here goes…

My kids.  Four of them given to me all dependent and squalling.  How could I ever manage this responsibility?  Only by grace, you know.  And so much more of it for each day.

{this is where I insert the gorgeous pictures of my kids…instead, I’ll use this space to remind you all to back-up your computers because you never know when things will mysteriously go missing.  Seriously.}

I ask God why you couldn’t all just be cookie-cutter-kids.  All with the same needs and desires and personalities, instead of four people as different as could be.  Wouldn’t this parenting job be so much easier if we all played by the same rules?  If what ‘works’ with one child ‘worked’ with all?

I guess He doesn’t want a boring life for us.  Great adventure, this life with personalities.

You all are my adventure.  Knowing you, loving you, teaching and learning with you.  I fail miserably and you see it and love me anyway.

So many times I pray you forget what I said and just remember there is grace for us all…

He reminds me what you, we, all of us need.  The law makes no one perfect, but grace.  Grace brings us to Jesus.

These kids and this grace work together on me.  Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father, and we have to embrace them all squalling and dependent.



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11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Gift

  1. Oh no! I hope that was just a public service announcement and you didn’t lose all your photos! Photos are a gift, too, and I hope you have them all back or safely stored somewhere!

  2. Oh so true. There’s been a million times I pray that God will help mine forget what I’ve said or done. I mess up so often. I’m blessed like you, he still loves me. Wonderful Gift post!

  3. What a gift your four children are to you…keeps life an adventure as you say. Blessings to you and yours 🙂

  4. Oh, gosh . . . I think my kids have learned about apologies and forgiveness from the number of times I’ve dropped to my knees and told Jesus I’m sorry for not following his example more closely when four kids are simultaneously screaming and throwing things!

    I’m glad He blessed you with a quiverful of arrows, and glad He blessed me with your blog!

  5. I love this. I totally understand. That grace is a must and though I wish I didn’t always have to be a Guinea pig for humility, my kids have learned a lot of what not to do from me. The was a convoluted sentence but you get the picture. I’m a goof up. Thanks for sharing this post. I relate and am blessed by your honesty.

  6. I’m blessed by your honesty and I have to say that my kids have also learned from my mistakes. That little thing called humility is a bugga boo. It’s funny how I thought parenting more kids would be more of the same and yet the journey is an ever changing landscape. I love it and yet, it’s the hardest thing ever!

  7. What a reminder to find the gifts as they are given (not always wrapped up the way we’d have expected or wanted). 😉

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