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Project Simplify Week 3

Paper clutter weighs me down.

Throwing things away is one of my favorite hobbies, but alas, it gets me in trouble sometimes.  I am technically the secretary for my husband’s business, and more than once I’ve ‘lost’ something important.  The boss is pretty forgiving but I really need to work on my bad habit of tossing things I don’t want to deal with.

Last year my in-laws gave me a money gift for my birthday and I was ecstatic (really!) to buy this simple file for my kitchen.

It just makes me happy.  A place to put things, to clear them off the counter, to hide the paperwork I loathe and the bills that stack, the newsletters I really do want to read, just not now.  Pretty little file folders to go inside and cover the things I don’t want to deal with.

Can you see the problem here?  I’ll let you draw your own spiritual analogies, but go easy on me.

Remember peek-a-boo with babies?  If something is out-of-site for more than a few…seconds, it really is out-of-mind.  I’ve stashed several important things in this nifty box that really needed prompt attention, rather than hiding.

So today I semi-dealt with them, and I let go of a stack of things that were just never going to be read.

A little freedom!

This handy-dandy file sits on a not-so-lovely shelf in my kitchen.  It’s one of those things that you just look at differently one day, and smack your forehead and think, “That looks really hideous.  I’ve been living with that for how long?”.

We are moving in about 648  hours, so I was tempted to just dump everything in a packing box and show you a lovely-but-fake ‘after’ picture.  I resisted.  I reassigned and rearranged and came up with something not quite so disheveled.

I even labeled the boxes!  I guess this will do for a few more weeks.

Last but not least, the infamous drawer-of-homeless-items.




All these little tasks just make me happy.  Pretty simple!





If the words ‘simple’ and ‘organized’ make you happy, click on the Project Simplify button on the right to check out some great stuff.


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3 thoughts on “Project Simplify Week 3

  1. Ooh, I know what you’re saying about paper clutter…it’s definitely my worst organization problem! How I ever manage to accumulate so many papers is beyond me (though, I suppose being a writer and artist–not really just sort of–doesn’t help me at all).

    Anyway, great job on the organizing of the week! Once the school semester ends, I may jump into organizing some of my own clutter 🙂

  2. Stray paper is the bane of my existence– and with the “real” homeschooling starting this fall when Bugaboo will be a kindergartner, I’ve started to get a little ruthless with incoming mail — if it’s a bill, the check gets written immediately and taped to the front door, if it’s a newsletter, it goes in the magazine rack in the bathroom which now gets emptied weekly, and everything else goes straight to recycling (except the rare and wonderful actual letter!). The results of your organizing project are MUCH prettier than mine!!!

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