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Project Simplify

Tsh at has a book called Simply Organized.  You need to understand that ‘simple’ is one of my favorite words in the whole world, so seeing the title alone is enough to give me chills.  Reading it was exhilarating, freeing, simply amazing.

I’ll stop gushing, but let me just say it’s simply awesome and you should read it.

For the month of March she is encouraging us and holding us accountable to tackle some hotspots in our homes, one each week.

After months of having our house for sale, my pendulum has swung from obsessively, meticulously, don’t-leave-till-it’s-spotless, to more of an “ah, who cares…we’re moving soon” attitude.

It’s embarrassing, but I need some accountability and I’m excited to get it in gear again.  Each Saturday I’ll post some before-and-afters, and life will be much…simpler.

This week was busy, so today I just tackled the boys’ dressers.  They were pathetic and we will be doing some re-training this week.

Jake tells me that Mrs. Walton (from The Waltons) always put her kids’ clothes away for them.

I tell Jake that Mrs. Walton did a lot of things mommy doesn’t do, and vice versa, but she got paid to be perfect and I just work for kisses and the satisfaction of a job well done.  Nuff said.

The befores…

Why do we have two whole drawers for non-clothing items?

This room still drives me a little batty, but it is much better now and after some ‘gentle prodding and instruction’ from mom, the boys should have a better handle on the situation.

The afters…

One more wonderful thing about moving: as I purge the house of the Unnecessaries,  I’m determined not to bring anything into the new house that we don’t need.  I prefer the bare minimum.  It’s much simpler!


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6 thoughts on “Project Simplify

  1. I downloaded that book on my kindle for free. So far I haven’t even simplified enough to read it. I think I need to make that a priority. 🙂 Good job on the dressers.

    • I have it free on Kindle, too – see, we simplified already by not putting another book on the shelf : ) Thanks for the encouragement…you joining us?

  2. Simple is def my friend. Cleaning out is time consuming and a pain in the rear, but trust me, coming from someone that just moved and is about to move again in 6 months you will be sooo glad you did it. It made moving much easier when we didn’t have to unpack things we don’t need or use anymore. Good luck!

  3. Ooh, I don’t envy the moving again in 6 months! But, it is a good time to de-clutter – thankful for that

  4. Dejunking is an eternal project at my house. I like Flylady, too. Good luck on your goals.

  5. Ah, Jacob. To use Mrs. Walton as an argument! Most impolitic, as it seems like I remember her being a little overzealous in suggesting the woodpile to her sons, yes? 🙂

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