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Five Minute Friday: Empty

It’s Saturday, I know.  Yesterday was busy and today I have 5 minutes (okay, more like 15!) to write.

So I’m a little behind…story of my life!  But here’s my 5-ish minutes on




Yes, he really is this cute!


and this goofy!

Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of Ethan’s homecoming.  I still remember the day we saw him, curled up in a ball, sleeping in a crib in a room full of crawlers in that orphanage.

He was bigger than we’d pictured.  He looked as though he’d been fattened up, but he certainly was not healthy.  Snot oozed from his little nose and his chest was wheezy.

The first night in our Indian hotel with him was surreal.  I looked at this little guy, who’d never seen white skin before nor heard much english, and he just looked so…independent, I guess.  Unattached, but needy.  A little lost.

He had his first bath in a tub.  Screamed louder than anyone in that high dollar hotel wanted him to.  He was clueless what to do with the cheerios I had brought, having never put hand-to-food-to-mouth before at seventeen months old.

And back at our guest house in Delhi, he grew hotter and more ill than any child I’d ever held.  Would they even let us on the plane?

We adopted not because our hearts were empty, nor our house.  The love of God has been poured out in our hearts, and He’s blessed us with 5 children  now.  There are myriad reasons for adopting, and I believe God motivated us to fill the empty in Ethan Shashwat.

We had an empty seat at the table.  An extra place in the car. Arms that could hold more and laps that needed sitting.

God provided empty places for more of His love to pour into.

And to make that little crib in Pune, Maharashta, India, empty for another to be cared for and placed in permanence.



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12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Empty

  1. He is spectacular and so are you! What a wonderful life changer for all of you. 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful story of love and God filling those empty places with love. Thank you for sharing the amazing work of God in your life and the life of your son Ethan.

  3. I love him, your family, and your sevice and love to God and those around you! You will never know what a blessing you have been in my life. So glad you took 5ish minutes to share this with us today! And happy 6th anniversary! ❤

  4. What a blessing it must be to have that little personality in your home 🙂

  5. My goodness girl, this is almost right from my mind, “We adopted not because our hearts were empty, nor our house.”

    We have not adopted yet. In fact we are still pondering the wisdom, prompting, reality etc etc of it all but you’ve expressed almost my exact feelings with these words, “We had an empty seat at the table. An extra place in the car. Arms that could hold more and laps that needed sitting. God provided empty places for more of His love to pour into.

    I need to write that on a card and tape it to my mirror. What is it He is doing to us? We already have five. But oh my heart aches for those children without family. Hmmm. Pray! We must pray, because it’s no small thing.

    I love this story.

    • That’s awesome, Jessie! I’m so excited to hear how God is stirring you up. Look forward to checking out your blog and hearing more, and I’ll pray for wisdom for you and your family. You are right, it is no small thing. God does big things!

      • I covet your prayers. I will pick your brain and I am. Prepare for a very long email. 🙂 I’m answering your questions and I’ve got a list of my own. So glad God “introduced” us.

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