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I have a confession… but first, a disclaimer.  We don’t watch TV.  We have a television for movies, and we do sit in front of the tube at the grandparents sometimes, but for the most part we are TV-free.  With that being said, once a year we do find somewhere to watch the Super Bowl.

Yep.  Football.

We have nothing against football – loved watching our son play middle school football this year and watching our local high school team win a state championship.   It’s just that watching grown, over-payed men  play a game that takes over a nation feels, well, a little silly.

We didn’t even know who was playing until yesterday, but when our neighbors invited us to watch the game with them we accepted.  There was pizza involved.  And we do love our neighbors.

We enjoyed the game.

The commercials were muted and eyes diverted for the most part.  But one commercial actually brought me joy.   Maybe I’m over-thinking it, or maybe I just expect them all to be garbage…or maybe it was just the romantic in me.  It caught me off guard, this commercial.  Because it didn’t go the way I thought it was going to.

I won’t post a link to it because I haven’t found one that wasn’t full of other garbage.  You’re welcome to google it yourself, but only if you promise not to be offended by women in bikinis.  I’ll just relate the gist of it here for you.

It was the Kia Optima commercial.  It begins with a husband and wife sleeping in their room (let’s assume they are married, because that makes me happy).  The sandman enters, sprinkles a little fairy dust on the wife, and she begins to dream of Tall, Dark and Handsome on his white horse, whisking her away.  Sandman fairies over to the other side, trips, and dumps the whole remaining bag of dust on sleeping husband, sending him what is assumed to be every man’s best dream…tons of beautiful women in bikinis.

Yuck.  I was heading for more pizza.

And then the unexpected happened.  The sweet unexpected.  The husband is on a racetrack (in his Kia?) driving by thousands of half-naked women, but paying them no attention.  He drives through a wall and into his wife’s dream.  The horse rears in fright.  Wife falls into husband’s arms. Tall, Dark and Handsome rides away alone.   Husband and wife drive off to Happily Ever After (in their Kia).  Love it!

Maybe there is hope for Hollywood?

I don’t know.  But it makes me happy.  To think about the wife’s knight-in-shining-armor really being the man in bed next to her every night.  To think about the husband who really thinks his wife is beautiful and special and worth rescuing.

And it makes me thankful for my husband.  He thinks I’m beautiful and special and worth rescuing.  He doesn’t drive a Kia, but everywhere we go together is Happily Ever After.

Still counting gifts…

116. Scripture songs for the drive home

117. Surprise dinner at Bravo’s

118. a refund check, just in time for groceries

119. mommy helping me make cookies for CELL group

120. a mid-day visit from Derek and Dan-the-hound-dog

121. CELL group

122. looking in the rear-view mirror and seeing their noses in books

123. Bananagrams at the library

124. Goof Group

125. violins

126. cheese

127. big kids, watching Winnie-the-Pooh

128. homemade mocha

129. surprise kisses from brother to sister

130. my knight-in-shining-armor


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4 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. I love this post. It has me smiling and chuckling!

    We also have a TV whose only connection is with a DVD player. We’ve also found that we don’t miss the other junk. While I fully agree with you on your description of Football, etc. my husband does enjoy watching it. Thankfully not enough to reconnect the TV. But enough that we always take the guacamole to the Super bowl. This year I wasn’t feeling well and came home early. (With a private bowl of Guacamole dipped out by my knight in shining armor.) Your story makes me sorry I missed that commercial!!! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Glad to bring you a smile! And I think you got the better end of the deal – a private bowl of guacamole beats football any day.

  3. Brandy on said:

    I love this Tresta:)

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