Sharp Paynes

Never a dull moment…


Listening to Ethan read the Jesus Loves Me Storybook Bible this morning ~

Then Moses called the place Jehovah-Nissi which means, “The Lord Is My Banner.”

He asks about the banner.  What does it mean that the Lord is my banner?  I’m unprepared for questions…

 “It means that we are fighting for the Lord,” I say.

I explain how when armies go to battle they carry a banner showing who they are fighting for (this was my off-the-cuff explanation).  Moses was saying that the Lord is enough banner.  Over us and identifying us.

Ethan mentions the star-spangled banner.  We talk about the ‘Jesus Banner’ that hangs on so many homes and businesses in our community, the banner on our own home that lifts up the name above all names and identifies us.  (Jesus Freaks?  Sure.)

(never mind the tree on the roof...)

“No, mom.  We don’t fight for the Lord…He fights for us.”

Yeah.  Out of the mouth of babes.  This child with a zillion questions and his mom with lame answers!  Thanks for reminding me, little buddy.  He fights for us.  Beautiful.


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2 thoughts on “Jehovah-Nissi

  1. That IS beautiful. I have an Ethan too. Did I already tell you that? You probably know the name means Great Spiritual Potential. 🙂 Absolutely true I’d say.

  2. It can also mean strong and enduring, and his Indian name (now his middle name – Shashwat) means continuous and steadfast. What an awesome combo, huh?!

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